The Story of Be..

BE... grows from the idea that each individual has a reason for being and an origin for their health and wellness journey.

BE... encourages you to embrace who you are today, be happy in this moment and in yourself, while honoring where you would like to be in the future, setting a SMART plan to get you where you would like to be.

Like our company, our logo radiates from its center, you.

The person represents you. You are at the center of everything we do. We want to know who you are, what moves you, and how to help you grow to where you want to be.

The tree represents nourishment, transformation, and growth. The power to embrace the present, harness your center, and grow from your roots into whomever you choose to be. We will help you embrace and love who you are, gathering fuel to power who you are working to be.

The sun is the origin of self. It is the light that is uniquely you and it is the life, energy, power, and strength to be anything you desire. The sun represents the fire of desire and the fuel for achievement that radiates from with you and allows you to push yourself to nearly limitless

Be…A WELLNESS COMPANY, keeps you and your needs at the center of everything we do. We offer; personal training, small group training, and classes We bring these programs to you: at home, in work and corporate venues, in schools, preschools, and daycares, and in conjunction with community groups, centers, and organizations. We share with you regularly through our online blog and enjoy discussing health and wellness topics through ongoing communication on our social media. We love hearing from you and learning more about how we can help you to be your personal best.